A Girl’s Glamual to life!

Hi my name is Tamara! I love joking, laughing, movies, dinners, social gatherings, traveling, gym & spa, fashion & makeup, animals, music, photography and anything girlie!
My dog Rex makes me happy as much as he makes me angry (he chews everything up & he’s 10).
I really enjoy walking the mall aimlessly for hours, dreaming of all the new things I now have added to my want my list.
I always joke that I should write a book about my crazy life.
I have a love affair with food and especially anything sweet.
I usually like to be on the go (lots of nervous energy).
I could talk to old people for hours (they are so cute with all their stories).
I own my own mobile tanning business (hope to have a location soon).
I would be totally lost without my phone!
Oh, and google..thank God for google!
I would like to go on record stating that I’m not a fitness guru, I don’t have a culinary degree, and I was a beauty school dropout but I hope to share my experiences and journey’s to help or inspire others. You can go to top of page and click the highlighted Glitz Girlz Glamour Guide! Glamual to Life! for a deeper bio!

My purpose in this blog is to discuss and share anything that applies to being a woman and our daily routines. Hope to share any insight on fashion, beauty tips & make-up,  food & wine, workouts & diets, travels and destinations, life experiences,  and inspiration through quotes and journeys! I would like this to be a sound board for women around the world to share their personal experiences and insight as well! 🙂



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5 responses to “A Girl’s Glamual to life!

  1. Holly

    I agree with you on the nail tip! I am going to tackle the p90x program within the next week. I will be taking before and after photos. I will be happy to post a real life review with my humble opinion of the program and my results on your blog! Wish me luck!

    • Thanks Holly! I would enjoy seeing and hearing your real life review on the p90x as I am always looking to share insight with others on exercise routines that actually work versus televised hyped up infomercials that are looking for a buck!

  2. William Edwards

    Tamara I am trying to get my peeps to follow.. Tell me how…

  3. avrildonohue

    Love this! Followed you back! Avril xXx sinfulstilettos.wordpress.com

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