Girl Talk

Girls! Girls! Girls! Make-up! Make-up! Make-up! It’s clearly an obsession but it’s definitely an inner personal pleaser! How good do you feel when you put on your face? Literally, because it’s like a mask coming off when we wash our face. I absolutely know for a God given fact that when I take the time to put my full face on that I feel so much more confident then I do with zero makeup. I know the media hypes up beauty, fakeness, and photoshop which gives the everyday woman a diluted reality but let’s face it, we don’t all have flawless skin and coverage helps boost self confidence! I pray to the Sephora gods lol,… ok just kidding thats a little much but I do love my cosmetics! I don’t feel your process has to exceed the upwards of hours but a solid 20 min can make a world of difference. A simple foundation or powder, Nars orgasm blush, Mac fashion scoop lip gloss, Chanel bronzer, and Ysl mascara will send you out the door with the basics and a smile on your face. Those just happen to be a few of my Favs! You can always add a more intense session by all means! I don’t like caked on makeup but more of a natural look just to already enhance your natural beauty. Girl power! Do what makes you happy! 🙂


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