Beauty Regimen

Being in my 30s now I have to take extra care of my skin but being like most I dread all the steps in the mornings and evenings. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a robot to prep us every morning when we wake and every evening before bed. There is just something about having to wash the face, apply toner, add a serum, and last but not least add moisturizer. Those being just the beginning steps before you start to add in the makeup process! Being a girl is a lot tougher then you think boys! I am a Sephora junkie like I spoke of before (another great store I could just spend hours and thousands of dollars) and just like I switch up my shampoos from time to time I have chosen a new facial regimen. One that so far to date I am pleased with 🙂 .. I have been using the Murad acne clarifying cleanser. It suppose to clear and prevent blemishes and skin breakouts which I still am prone to from time to time but for the last two weeks my skin has been clear! I follow it up with the Murad essential-c toner and the Lamer serum and moisturizer. The Murad is a reasonable cost but the Lamer is a little on the costly side so maybe you can try the Murad moisturizer if its not in your ballpark or one of your choice. I also purchased the Clarisonic Mia to try out and see what all the hype is about and with that being said my skin does feel like it gets a deeper cleanse and it feels smoother afterwards but no miracles have been performed.


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