Sassy Shoes

Do I want snakeskin shoes, animal print shoes, or shoes with bright colors?! Yes, please I will take a shoe with all those combinations in one! Just another random day wondering the mall and BAM! ~ Brian Atwood colorblocked snakeskin pump with exotic leopard-print trim and an island platform starring me in the face. So sassy! They were screaming, “Buy Me”, “Buy Me” ….so you know what happened next! “I’m Pumped” to wear them so to speak! 😉



Filed under Fashion

5 responses to “Sassy Shoes

  1. I love those colors! And your site is so pretty- glad I found it@

    Courtney (Your newest follower)

  2. Thanks Courtney! I see you like nail polish as well 🙂 there are a few nail art post on my site plus today is saturday so that means mani n pedi day! I will have something cool to post later ~ xo

  3. I love your fashion sense!!! Cute shoes!

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