The Color Wheel

It can be confusing at times to determine what eye shadow looks best with your eyes, yet compliments your outfit all at the same time. Don’t make the mistake of wearing blue eyeshadow just because you are wearing a blue outfit! You should wear eye shadows that brings out your eye color. I have the Stila color wheel eye shadow palette (sephora) and it’s awesome for helping you choose the right color combination. After viewing Makeup by Janine’s wordpress blog, I read some helpful insight on her page on choosing the correct eye shadow for your eye color which I shared below…

Here are some examples:

For blue eyes . . . the complimentary color is orange. Yes, orange eyeshadow sounds gross, but if you translate it to makeup colors it can be an orangy-brown, peach, gold or light copper.

For blue-green eyes . . . if they sometimes look blue, and sometimes look green, then they are probably blue-green. (Your eyes don’t actually change color, its just color theory at work). The complimentary color is red-orange. Choose apricots, watermelons or other peachy-pinks. An intense copper or warm (reddish) brown with copper shimmer is also a great choice.

For green eyes . . . the complimentary color is red. Yes, I know, you are worried you’ll look a little zombified with red liner. But let’s do a little neutral-izing: red + white = pink, red + black = burgandy, red + grey = mauve, and red + brown = red-brown (okay, that last one wasn’t so original). Anything with those bases will make your eyes look as green as possible.

For yellow-green eyes . . . red-violet is the complimentary color to choose for you. This can be a plum, just make sure it has more red than blue. Also a cool (or purple-y) pink is a great choice. Mix some silver in there too for a muted, metallicized red-violet.

For brown eyes with yellow . . . a true violet will compliment your eyes best. It can be anywhere from light lavender to deep eggplant.

For a light golden brown eye (yellow-orange) . . . use the blue-violet shades. A deep royal purple liner, a periwinkle highlight, or a smoky mix of blue, grey & purple will make your eyes pop.

For a deep amber brown eye (orange) . . . Go with an electric Smurf shadow, a navy liner, a slate smoky, a powder blue accent. The different versions of blue are endless! Remember, you can always pair a pop of blue with brown or grey for a more neutral version.

Remember, you can add white to make it lighter, black to make it darker, grey for a muted version, and brown to make it more neutral.



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2 responses to “The Color Wheel

  1. Great post!! Def helps when picking out shades!

  2. Huey Seldin

    for me, green eyes is the most beautiful.^

    Consider our new blog page as well

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