Festive Fun

Creativity at its finest …LOL! I bought strawberries, white chocolate, blue candy gel, and red sprinkles. I wanted to make the strawberries look festive for the 4th 🙂 So, I melted the white chocolate, then dipped the strawberries in the chocolate and laid them on wax paper. You can do them however you desire if you desire but I sprinkled the red sprinkles just on the end of the strawberries. After, the chocolate hardened (which is almost instantly) I took a toothpick and the blue gel and made stars on the strawberries. I kept a glass of water and paper towel next to me so I could keep cleaning the toothpick for cleaner lines. Im no expert but I thought they were cute! I think next time I will do some strawberries with just sprinkles and some strawberries with just stars because now that I look at them they look like faces.


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