BBQ Salmon & CousCous

I have previously posted a BBQ Salmon dish but this one is prepared slightly different and Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Good! Working with what was in the fridge and pantry, so I didn’t have to make a special trip to the supermarket, this is what I prepared…
CousCous (roasted garlic & olive oil)
BBQ Sauce
Salt & Pepper

Fruit Salsa Ingredients
Red Bell Pepper
These were all items in my fridge. So, to prepare the fruit salsa I diced some cherries, mango, apricot, jalapeno, onion, & red bell pepper and squeezed fresh lemon juice on top. I took the salmon (salt & pepper) and placed in an already hot skillet with olive oil to sear on both sides. Once seared on both sides brush bbq sauce across top of salmon and place in 350 degree oven in the pan they were seared in for 10min (cook to your liking). I took the shortcut on the couscous and boiled it for 5min. Place couscous on plate put bbq salmon on top of couscous add fruit salsa and ENJOY!


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