Royal Gorge

It’s not football Sunday just yet and usually Sunday Fun-day is always best with a bbq & cocktail but this Sunday became Scenic Sunday. Colorado has beautiful scenery and historic sites that I’ve yet to venture out and explore. So, today I decided to go see the Royal Gorge in Canyon City. One of the worlds highest suspension bridges (956 feet). The bridge towers 150 feet high, 2,100 strands of NO.9 galvanized wire in each cable, cables weigh 300 tons with a 100 tons of steel in floor of bridge. Original cost to build in 1929 $350,000 and today’s cost over $18 million. I know this information may go in one ear and out the other but its pretty amazing to see in person. If your scared of heights its definitely not a place for you to experience unless you want to over come your fears. It’s so high up that you get a knot in your stomach and when the wind blows through the gorge because it makes the bridge sway! Lil Scary! Other entertainment at the gorge consist of a aerial tram which I posted a pic of below, a railway, skycoaster, and zipline. I kept my feet planted on the ground because flying through the air above the gorge didn’t appeal to me, Ha! Personally, I think you adrenaline junkies are nuts to bungi-jump above the gorge (lol) but god bless you for having the cojones to do it!



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2 responses to “Royal Gorge

  1. Woo… nature is fantastic…
    I’m with you; I’ll leave all that jumping business to others… 😉

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