Ok, so this is one of my latest addictions the Sanpellegrino® fruit beverages! If you have not tried the Blood Orange Sanpellegrino® your missing out! I really don’t drink soda anymore unless its club soda mixed with a little vodka, which by the way this lovely can below would be a great mixer for cocktails. 🙂 Sometimes you just need carbonation or bubbles (I like to say) and this drink satisfies me and I don’t feel guilty drinking it. Its sparkling water with all natural ingredients that has a delightful tangy sweet flavor. With only 13% orange juice and 3% blood orange juice, I’m in LOVE!


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4 responses to “Sanpellegrino®

  1. Jeni Johnson

    Flavored sparkling water with a scoop of granita os very popular here! I’d even add some gelato to go with it like a root beer float, or spike it with a bit of vodka!

  2. I am obsessed with these San Pellegrino flavored ones! I feel it’s a little more luxurious than drinking a coke or something like that (plus I too am NOT a soda person). Love love love! Great pick me up!

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