Skinny Cupcakes

They say there is no food that taste as good as skinny, but they must not be eating my food or at the restaurants I dine at! 🙂 I try to cut corners and calories when I can without completely wanting to jump off a bridge because I hate my diet. It’s tough trying to workout and eat right. So, when I found these guys it put a big smile on my face! It’s no secret that I love SUGAR and DESSERTS, but to have one that I don’t feel guilty about eating (in moderation of course) makes me happier than Roseanne Barr at an all you can eat buffet. Also, they are seriously ridiculously moist and the only ingredients are Funfetti Cake Mix and a 12oz can of diet 7up (or diet light color soda of preference). Mix the two ingredients and pour into muffin pan lined with cupcake liners. Follow cooking instructions on back of box. Once baked let cool and apply a Sugar Free Icing lightly across the top of each cupcake. Honestly, they are good enough to eat without icing but some would say, “Whats a cupcake without icing?”
Go to Categories on MY BLOG Sweet Treats for more similar recipes! A cake made with applesauce and a cake made with yogurt! Healthy and Delicious!


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11 responses to “Skinny Cupcakes

  1. empire1395

    They are really good!!!

  2. YUM!! Who doesn’t like a Skinny cupcake?!?! There’s a restarant on Montana Ave, in Los Angeles called 17th St. Cafe…they too offer a skinny cupcake for 100 calories, and they’re pretty good! We’ll have to give these a try, thanks!!! XO

  3. Diet 7-up is an interesting ingredient, but I am guessing that is the main secret.

    Very nice!

  4. a glitzy girl who knows how to make her cupcakes, now that’s something! …really love being here.

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