Ice Ice Baby

Lol, ok the title is cheesy and I’m showing my age (well, just a lil). Headed to a BBQ soon and I pre-made some fruit filled ice cubes for the lemonade (ok, cocktails)! 🙂 It’s pretty to have fruit ice cubes floating in your glass and they go great with sangria. Happy Partying!


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13 responses to “Ice Ice Baby

  1. I’ve seen this done so much, whether it be coffee or fruit in water, or juice… And every time I say, “I’m going to try this” then I forget, and complain when regular ice cubes dilute my drink!

  2. Gosh, thank you! I’m so making those.

  3. I can’t wait to use this idea next weekend! Thank you!

  4. Seems crazy easy and fun to do. Going to have to try this. Thanks!

  5. Great idea to jazz up any drink!

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