Nars Lipgloss

Oh la la shiny lips! Yes, please! I’m a huge fan of lip gloss, as a matter of fact thats pretty much all I wear. I have nothing against lipstick, its just that by the time I apply the lipstick and then the gloss to make them shine its quite time consuming when I’m on the go. So, when I find lip gloss with a tint all in one it mmmmmmmmmakes mmmmmmmme happy! Im digging my two new Nars shades Coeur Sucré — bright cool pink with shimmer and Place Vendôme — bold strawberry pink. They are extremely moisturizing, not to be confused for sticky. I can’t stand when the wind blows and my hair sticks in my lip gloss or you go to talk but your lips won’t move because they are stuck together. YUCK! This line has a lacquer finish with high patent shine which leaves the lips shiny and moist. Just the way you want them! There are about 9 different shades to choose from so find your color. 🙂



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14 responses to “Nars Lipgloss

  1. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue

    Loving these colours, right up my street! Avril xXx

  2. Cute gloss…! Good to read ‘moisturizing not sticky’… So many are just sticky… Yuk..

  3. You have such a great blog!

  4. carischoices

    Love the colours, and loving that it’s not ‘sticky’… 🙂

  5. Jeni Johnson

    Awesome colors and what a shine! Do they have a taste easy on the lips and a decent smell. I either like no scent or taste or full scent and taste. I’m really into hot pink right now and that is def. hot T!

  6. Goregous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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