Silicone CoverUps

I like to refer to these as life savers! The silicone coverups, is hollywoods secret to going braless! They have a self-adhesive back, so they just stick right on and perfect for wearing under t-shirts, dresses, and even swimwear. The best part they are re-usable up to 25 times! Best invention and investment EVER! You won’t have to fear walking into a cold room ever again. 😉



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5 responses to “Silicone CoverUps

  1. Jeni Johnson

    T- Ive always wanted to try those but with a c-cup and gravity slowly defying my youthfullness…LOL. 😉 Would my breasts look fallen? Hahaha! I never thought these were ideal for us big breasted gals. So do tell.

  2. Jeni Johnson

    Oh I thought these were full breast covers. Never mind. Have you tried those?

    • No problem! Yes, I have those too … I figured it could be an upcoming post and they do work. They stick on and snap in the middle like a bra. They make so many different things these days and clear straps that there is something for everyone!

  3. LOL! My husband got me these for Christmas about 20 yrs ago (nice, huh?) an I wore them ONCE. I finally threw them away recently. I think mine were full breast covers (or close to it – I’m not volumptuous!)

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