A Few Of My Favorite Things …

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! My girlfriend came to visit me from Florida and it made my Labor Day! Although, visits always seem short its better than no time spent together at all. I of course had to take her to my favorite sushi restaurant and spent a lot of lost time shopping. Im still waiting to hit the lottery so I can go shopping daily. 😉 We hung out downtown denver and shared some dinner and cocktails. Checked out a lounge, Corridor 44 which is a champagne bar with an extensive list of champagnes. There are other details to share but hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! (pic below)
How do you end a holiday weekend without a feast? A little BBQ action with Kobe beef burgers, brioche buns, onion rolls, melon wrapped w/ prosciutto, tomato mozzarella, bow tie pasta w/ spinach & pine nuts, kale & edamame salad, cabbage & almond salad, corn on cob, bruschetta, twice baked potatoes, and finished off with some lip smacking cupcakes! I LOVE my food!



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4 responses to “A Few Of My Favorite Things …

  1. lovely pictures and the food is so enticing!

  2. Jeni Johnson

    Great photos! Have you considered using a professional camera?

    • Hello Jeni 🙂 .. I have a new toy that I purchased 6mo ago the Nikon D3100 and the pictures under travel & destinations / photography were taken with my professional camera. Most others are taken with my ipone b/c its just not always practical to have the big camera with me. Although, I wish I could lug it around everywhere without looking obnoxious 😉 for better shots

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