For the Love of Hair & Accessories

Hi Glam Girls! Fashion and Style is more than just your clothing, it’s your whole appearance. You can make a strong statement by wearing different hair styles and accessories to pull your look together. I think its important to keep versatility in your style choices and to always keep it fresh and interesting. You see celebrities in the tabloids who are forever changing their hair style and color, to keep up with the latest fashion styles and trends. Yes, I know they have an entourage of people following and working on them to enhance their already natural beauty, but it’s easy for us to do as well. I have some shots below of my hair worn different ways…worn down and wavy, worn straight with clip in extensions, worn down with two strips of hair clipped back, worn with head bands, worn parted to the side and parted down the middle, all in the name of beauty and fashion! All hair styles are appropriate to wear at the office or a night out on the town! You can get as creative and as wild in your style, as your inner stylist allows! 🙂
As far as accessories, they are a great way to show your personality! Sunglasses, eye glasses, scarves and jewelry can make any outfit shine. I’m a huge fan of layering jewelry, all in good taste of course. You don’t want to over do it! Simplicity is key in many cases. Feel good about yourself and your appearance by taking an extra 15 minutes when getting ready, so you feel confident in your day. ~Be Bold, Be You~



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13 responses to “For the Love of Hair & Accessories

  1. Great pictures. I like the last one where your hair was tied back! =>

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  3. carischoices

    LOVE THIS!!!
    Some very simple little tricks, but such an impact!
    Thank You for sharing & posting. We are so worth every little bit!!

  4. Great blog! Really enjoying reading it! Jazz x

  5. Jeni Johnson

    Looking gorgeous in glasses Tamara! Wow! Thanks for the tips, Woman should put a little more effort in changing their looks as it does boost versatility! Looks, cooks and books, Amen! 😉

    • Thanks Jeni! I always love hearing from you and Yes, it boost confidence also when you take a few extra minutes when getting ready to fix our hair and accessorize! I know my head is held much higher when it all comes together from head to toe vs. when I’m in sweats and my hair is on top of my head 😉 …Don’t get me wrong though, I have those days too and LOVE them!

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