Preserve Avocado & Fruits

T.O.D.- (Tip of the Day) ..Keep fruits & avocado fresh by covering with lemon slices! Instead of squeezing lemon juice which can change the flavor, layer w/ lemon slice! 🙂 It will help from discoloring and turning brown. Keep following for Daily Tips on FOOD, FASHION, & HEALTH! XO



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5 responses to “Preserve Avocado & Fruits

  1. Great tip! Thanks Tamara 🙂 xo

  2. Fantastic tip, especially since I ALWAYS have left-over avocado in my fridge!

  3. carischoices

    Reblogged this on Cari's Choices and commented:
    What a great idea!!! Not that I am a huge fan of avocado myself, but enough of the family like it, as do many friends, so will certainly be passing this little hint onto them!!
    Oh, and I guess I’ll be using it myself now that the warmer weather has started and The Man likes his avo’s.
    Till Next Time….Cari xoxo

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