Preserve Your Pumpkin

T.O.D. (Tip of the Day)…With pumpkin season approaching I had to share this great trick I found! I have not personally tried it yet, but when its time to get carving, I will definitely be using this one. Add silica gel packets to your pumpkin to prevent them from molding. There is nothing more annoying then carving your pumpkins and they start to rot and you have a yucky mess to clean up! Keep following for daily tips on FOOD, FASHION, & HEALTH! XO



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2 responses to “Preserve Your Pumpkin

  1. Definitely a great tip!

    (P.S. love, love your banner! I want that purple keyboard cover for my Mac! haha.)

  2. Thank you! How interesting that they preserve a pumpkin! I ordered it online for like $5 🙂 to match my purple color! Love the color purple!

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