Fresh Bread

T.O.D. (Tip of the Day) – Have you ever been to the store to buy bread and you “squeeze” the bread to see if you can tell if its fresh and/or soft? With this little tip you won’t have to ever wonder again! Fresh Bread is delivered to the supermarket 5 days a week! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and each day has a different color twist tie. Monday=Blue, Tuesday=Green, Thursday=Red, Friday=White, and Saturday=Yellow. Now you can be assured to always purchase the freshest bread.
FYI-The colors go alphabetically by color Blue, Green, Red, White, and Yellow. 🙂
Since today is Tuesday you would purchase the bread with the green twist tie or blue for yesterday’s delivery, if green twist ties have not been delivered yet!



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4 responses to “Fresh Bread

  1. Wow I did not know that I am going to half to try that tip.. I normally go shopping on the weekends.. They would put fresh bread out on weekdays..

  2. Over here in Sweden, all fresh bread is very clearly labeled with date of production and use by date. Wonderful law!

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