New Facial Regimen

After, running out of Lamer facial cream and my face wash, I decided to venture out and try something new. Lamer is great but price wise its super expensive and I figured there must be something out there comparable in product vs. price. Being in Colorado its extremely dry so I need something semi-heavy, which the Lamer was helping out in getting the job done. Honestly, my skin was freaking out coming from Florida where I had tons of humidity and now here in Colorado there is NO humidity. It’s dry people! I’m now trying this face cleanser by Perricone MD which I use morning and evening and so far so good. It’s light yummy scent makes me want to bathe in it. It’s a gentle cleanser if you have sensitive skin I recommend it. It’s part of there anti-aging line (I would like to age gracefully), with antioxidants, olive oil, and polyphenols and not to expensive at $35.00.
As far as the facial cream, I am currently using the Clarins line. It’s the HydraQuench Rich Cream thats for dry skin or cold climates. It has hyaluronic acid which helps with long lasting hydration and maintains your skins moisture levels. Again, not very expensive at $49.00 compared to the $350 for Lamer.
If your in the market for new facial products, I’m definitely a fan of these two so far! 🙂

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