Remove Candle Wax

T.O.D.- (Tip of the Day) ..Holiday season is approaching and what’s the holiday’s without candles burning to create ambience and fabulous smells throughout the home?? I love burning mulling spices on the stove top during this time of the year, along with candles. It gives the home such a festive, cozy, warm feeling. I’m sure you will be entertaining guest for dinner and little ones possibly running about, so accidents are bound to occur. If you experience a spilt wax accident or if you have a candle that melts down onto your rug or table cloth, don’t panic! After, entertaining you can break out the iron and remove the wax. Take a hand towel and place over the wax and iron over the spot on a low heat. If the wax is not coming out then gradually turn the heat up until it comes out. Works like a charm. 😉
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8 responses to “Remove Candle Wax

  1. It’s a great tip … when I was in school in the beginning of the 60’s we where told to do the same thing with blotting paper – and it works wonders .. but not easy to get hold those days. I still use it. Will try towel next time. Have even take of carpets with a hot iron and blotting paper.

  2. Kacie

    Freezing works as well 😉 I put my wax burner and candle holders in the freezer to take the old wax out. Thanks for the tip

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