French Macarons

My, My, My, …Mine! I wish I could share these with you but I ate them all! I polished off the remaining French Macarons for breakfast with coffee. So, I figured I would at least share my love for them with you, just in case you haven’t experienced their amazingness! Mac-a-what you ask? A typical macaroon is chewy shredded coconut held together by egg whites and dipped in chocolate, if your lucky. Which is another favorite of mine but then again there isn’t much thats sweet, that I don’t favor! 😉 The macaron is a dainty French cream-filled sandwich cookie filled with a silky smooth gel and buttercream. Can we say ADDICTED?! The cookie itself has this thin crust that protects the cookie inside and inside the cookies texture is chewy & soft with a smooth, firm filling like ganache. Plus, they are not overly sweet! It’s like the perfect combination of flavor and texture! Treat yourself if you haven’t experienced this French pastry!
Note: These make great gifts, perfect to bring for housewarming parties or for tea. Colorful and Classy Cookie!



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6 responses to “French Macarons

  1. thegoldenjournalblog

    Awww….. the goodness!! I loved in the south of France for sometime… and was a borderline addict for these yummy bits of heaven! try Laduree if u r in New York, London or Paris anytime…

  2. Dan

    Macarons are mmmaddictive! They just melt in your mouth and make your tastebuds go bananas! Thanks for sharing your wild macron experience! btw, a great guide for those wanting to learn how to make them is The Macaron Master bye!

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