A Few Of My Favorite Things …

Hello Weekend Warriors! My weekend was all about beauty! Saturday, I had more layers cut in my hair. Ahhh, finally it has life and body again! If your bored with your style and you don’t want to lose your length, maybe you should consider some long layers. After, my hair I had an exciting day shopping for makeup! Remember when you were a little girl and all you wanted to do was play in your mothers makeup? Well, I’m grown now and all I want to do is play in makeup. Especially, lately I’ve been makeup obsessed! I went to Mac and had my makeup done which in return sold me on buying more product and left me wanting more! HA, girl problems! I bought eye colors that I would of never gravitated towards, but my eyes popped once applied. I guess my point is…if you are unsure what will look good with your skin tones, ask! She opened my eyes (literally) to new colors. I also learned a new way of applying eye liner that really made my eyes stand out and it stayed for hours. I will share in upcoming post more about my colors and hopefully some tutorials. I am currently trying to work with a makeup artist to bring you professional tutorials!
It’s no secret that I also have a sugar obsession, its so dangerous! This is the reason I work out…;)! It’s not my fault that they place Godiva across from Mac :(. What’s a girl suppose to do? So, I snuck over and scored some brownies, macaroons, and chocolate covered oreos! WHOA! You know the rest! Yep, sugar high! Upon arriving home there was another sweet surprise awaiting for me….a Key Lime Tart! Not just any key lime tart but a Gateaux key lime tart. This bakery is seriously the BEST!
Sunday Funday was all about the Broncos. Football games are always fun, you can really feel the energy amongst the crazed fans! Some are quite humorous with their paint and attire. True die hard fans.! Well, thats a wrap for my weekend! Just a few highlights of the excitement!
Hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and productive week! XOXO



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8 responses to “A Few Of My Favorite Things …

  1. Hi, new follower and commenter! I think your hair looks wonderful, very flattering and great with the layers.

    Godiva chocolates also soooo tempting, I think that’s understandable. πŸ™‚

  2. Layering really helps! Everytime I feel my hair is too damp and dull, I go for layered cuts but the stylist must really know what he is doing in order to maximize effect. What a fun weekend it was for you!

  3. About six weeks ago I had my rather long locks cut very short. You remind me that I must go in for a trim; it’s starting to lose its style…!
    Sounds like a fun weekend you had… Have a great week.! πŸ™‚

  4. Seams like your program was full for this passed weekend – love American football too – my team is the Seahawks .. haven’t seen them play since I left Seattle – 22 years ago, when visit this year in July they didn’t play at home.
    Great and fun post … wish you a great week too.

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