Halloween Decor

Halloween or I like to refer to it as Halloweenie! I’m going to be doing several more Halloween post on desserts and pumpkin carving over the next week, so stay tuned. For me it’s fun to decorate throughout the home, make centerpieces for the table, and let the creative juices flow. I like to try and create a nice festive fall theme. I took a large white design dish with rounded edges and poured orange and black sixlets in the bottom. Do you remember sixlets? I use to love them as a kid and a new candy store opened around the corner which has them in a variety of beautiful colors. Dangerous! I purchased halloween colors for my centerpiece, black and orange of course. I bought mandarins (baby oranges or clementines) and drew pumpkin faces on them with a black sharpie. How cute are they? You can also use these to pass out instead of candy for the trick-or-treaters or at school parties. I then filled my dish with the different pumpkins you see below and placed the pumpkin face mandarins all around. I showed two different ways of creating the centerpiece below by doing one without the plastic spiders and one with. 🙂
So guest can admire your centerpiece or eat from your centerpiece, which now contains chocolate (sixlets) or fruit! Something for everyone!



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8 responses to “Halloween Decor

  1. Cute, Tamara; very cute..! And, very ‘do-able’… 🙂

  2. Congratulations Tamara! You are a winner in our Sephora GIVEAWAY!

    • glitzgirlzglamourguide

      YAY!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I must say I never win anything! 🙂 So, its exciting! I will be glad to share out your site on my FB’s and Twitter win I give you a “shout out” 🙂

      • Trèsors De Luxe

        Well, it looks like your luck has changed! We would appreciate any “shout outs” you can offer…afterall, who would LOVE someone paying it forward?! Let us know where you’d like us to mail your gift and we’ll ship it out to you 🙂

      • glitzgirlzglamourguide

        You got it! Whats a good email address to email you my address?

  3. You can put those oranges in a glass jar with that Halloween accents. Very pretty and practical. Kind of like you =>

    • glitzgirlzglamourguide

      Aww, Thanks!! They would look super cute in a glass cylinder! Im going to do another post with candles and candy corns in glass 😉 …We are same page!

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