Blue Eyes

Colored mascara is making a strong come back ever since NY Fashion Week. The Runway Models were rocking the fun look and its now the fall 2012 trend! I couldn’t wait to purchase the blue but I’m still wanting the purple and the burgundy. Just make sure when wearing it you achieve a flawless face and well groomed brows. You want a very natural looking face so that all the attention is focused on the eyes and the eyes pop! YSL, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior are just a few of the brands that carry the colored mascaras. I went with the Christian Dior Mascara “Azure Blue” and the Urban Decay eye liner “Deviant” to get the look I was gunning for. FYI.. I also put my eye liner on the inside of my top eye lid (I feel it really adds more depth). You can choose not to use eye liner but I feel with my skin tones it popped more with the eye liner. 🙂
Note: If these brands are not in your budget you can also buy a drugstore clear mascara and a super pigmented eye shadow (color of your choice and crush to powder form), roll the wand in the eye shadow and apply to your eyes!



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14 responses to “Blue Eyes

  1. I love this idea!! I’m going to try it this weekend =) Please check out my beauty blog as well ^_^

  2. I have blue eyes too and i just bought one theother day to try and i love it!

  3. Do you think their are certain colors that work best with brown eyes?

  4. Lovely! Blue looks good on you.

  5. Healthy Glow Nutrition

    I love this! Looks great! 🙂

    • glitzgirlzglamourguide

      Thanks! I’m on a mission to purchase a few other colors (such a makeup junkie) lol

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition

        You’re welcome! I really love this color by Bobbi Brown Called Egglant (eye shadow) It is a deep purple with gold flecks that bring out my hazel green eyes. :)I love makeup as well. If I could afford to I would shop at Sephora weekly 🙂

      • glitzgirlzglamourguide

        Im with you on that one! I would spend hours and thousands in sephora if I could! Thanks for sharing that color with me I’m going to check it out! 🙂 My eyes change colors between a blue and green so purples and bronze colors tend to make them pop 🙂

  6. Healthy Glow Nutrition

    Yeah, I wish too 🙂 That is crazy as my eyes also change color. They get super green in the sun and get more of a hazel brown inside. I do find that deep purple like eggplant and colors with gold really bring out my eyes as well 🙂

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