Pumpkin Carving

Good Morning Halloween Lovers! I decided to test my pumpkin carving skills last night (yes, a wild Friday night haha) and I got creative for you! I created 3 simple pumpkins that will look great in your home or in front of your home! You will need the following:
Pumpkins (I bought 2 large and 1 medium)
Cookie Cutters (use shapes of your choice)
Pumpkin Spice T-light candles
3 Strands of white Christmas lights (you can purchase ones that plug in or battery operated)
Gel Window Stickies (to stick to pumpkin for design)
Cut the top of your pumpkins off, scoop all of the inside out, and discard into a bag. I saved the pumpkin seeds because I’m going to bake them. Choose a large pumpkin and hammer the cookie cutters into the pumpkin, into your design of choice. I had to take a knife and go around the inside of the pumpkins to thin them out. Once, I completed the cut out’s I chose for my pumpkin, I then moved onto my second one. You can draw any design you want on your pumpkin and use a black sharpie to draw the points you want to drill. I decided to follow the lines of the pumpkin and drill holes in straight lines (again you will need to thin the inside of the pumpkin with a knife). Once, you have drilled your holes then start running your strand of lights into each hole (this is the most time consuming part). On the third pumpkin I placed the gel window stickies onto my pumpkin and then drilled a few holes randomly into the pumpkin, placing another strand of lights through the pumpkin….and TA-DA!! Pumpkin carving is always fun and here’s a few ideas that will allow you to get your creative juices flowing! πŸ˜‰
Note: Don’t forget my previous post (Tip of The Day) On placing silica packets in your pumpkin to help preserve it & You can also spray paint your pumpkins if you want to create a theme in your home!


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4 responses to “Pumpkin Carving

  1. Jeni Johnson

    Lit pumpkin! GENIUS idea. I can’t believe after all these years I’ve never seen this done. By candles yes, but mini lights? Nice.

  2. sara dinani

    Such a creative idea!! Love it!!

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