Want Perfect Skin

Want perfect skin? Everyone has heard before, “You better wear sunscreen!” Well, I wish I would of listened when I was a kid because now I’m working hard on reversing the sun damage I’ve caused to myself through the years! I wasn’t one of the lucky ones blessed with beautiful olive skin, instead I have fair skin and freckles. I use to hate my skin color and wanted to bake in the sun for hours to have a sun-kissed look. Now that I’m a little wiser I get my tanned look by spray tanning! It’s clearly a better choice than the alternatives. With that being said I want to age gracefully as possible, so I’ve learned the importance of sunscreen in my daily facial regimen. The packet you see below is a sample from a Med Spa I was at recently, but you can do research on finding a sunscreen that suits you. Apparently, there is a true argument amongst dermatologist on wether you apply sunscreen before or after your moisturizer. At this point I’m going to have to say just adding it period is doing more justice then not, but I like to add mine before my moisturizer. I feel mentally it has a better effect since its in direct contact with my skin. Use a sunscreen that’s safe and comfortable for your face. While the consistency of sunscreen is important in a facial product, its also wise to look for one that won’t clog your pores. Apply all over face, in hairline, temples, ears and the front and back of your neck. Then you can apply moisturizer along with your foundation and complete with your following steps. I like to use an all over sunscreen then apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 by Laura Mercier on days I want lighter makeup (now I have double the SPF). Some of my other products contain SPF as well which just ensures that you have great coverage. Better be safe then sorry and start incorporating sunscreen now or you will be spending thousands on photo-facials and peels in the future to get smooth looking skin without age and sun spots!
Note: Let’s not forget about the C word “CANCER”…PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST SKIN CANCER!

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