Bubble Bath

Glam Girls time to Glam it up in the bathroom with some alone time, in the tub, with bubbles! Bubbles just make you feel good especially after a long day or week! Lock the door and Calgon take me away. 😉 I have a nice lavender bubble bath that has an amazing aroma. Plus, its relaxing and moisturizing (I traded my Mr. bubbles for an adult version). You can use any bath products that tickle your fancy just get your tucas in the bath tub and relax! Read a book, listen to music, or just close your eyes and light some candles creating a nice ambience for the one and only YOU!


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2 responses to “Bubble Bath

  1. In Sweden taking bath is totally out … not many don’t even have a tub .. because of energy and environment saving. Couldn’t say when I toke a bath last – most be over 30 years ago. Even more. Not anyone I know over here … take baths anymore. But in UK is’t still big thing .. and used mostly for relaxing mostly. Plus I hate bath bubbles … what a sad person I’m really.
    You should keep on enjoying your bath. I can miss a warm bath if I have a bad cold, but I take a big whiskey and a read shower instead.

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