Halloween Oreo Pops

Happy Halloween! My last tribute to Halloween is my white chocolate covered oreo pops with sprinkles! You can do these for any holiday and add your sprinkles according to the holiday. They are also a great gift to distribute to friends as a party favor, for trick-or-treaters, or for a halloween party. Place a sucker stick in each oreo, melt white chocolate and dip the oreo, hold over wax paper and use sprinkles, then allow to dry by placing each stick in a hole of a colander. The colander is a great kitchen accessory when making any type of sucker that needs to dry. 🙂



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17 responses to “Halloween Oreo Pops

  1. jason price

    Wow really Looks good!!!

  2. How cute are these! We’ll have to give them a try 😀

  3. These look absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Good work.

  4. There you go again, you temptress…
    These look magnificent…! I’ve gained a pound just looking.. 😉

  5. CinZilicious

    OH WOW!!!! They look soo cute, festive, and delish!!!!!!!!!!! I lovee Oreos, apart from making your teeth black,lol

    Happy Halloween’ing!!!


  6. These look amazing, I’m craving oreos now – it’s gonna be a looong day in work now 😦 lol

  7. What a great idea! When you mentioned how this recipe can be adjusted for any holiday, it gave me an idea to make this for my upcoming Christmas party with red and green sprinkles! Thanks, Tamara!

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