100% Girlie Girl

Some things never change and here is proof…HeHe! I dug this picture out of the archives. It’s fun looking back at old baby and kid photos of yourself and taking a stroll down memory lane with your Mom. She says I have always loved dressing up and use to try and wear her heels at the age of two. I’m sure most little girls are like myself but it never changed as an adult! I still love to dress up and apparently I wasn’t camera shy then and I’m definitely not camera shy now! I think I was like 10 in the picture on the left and now at 34, I’ve still got the hand on the hip with a big smile to boot. Cheeeeeeeeese! πŸ˜‰ Dressing up and putting yourself in the highest of spirits never gets old. I think its important to allow yourself the few extra minutes it may take to get dressed daily so you can feel confident in yourself to tackle your day! ~Be Bold, Be You~



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7 responses to “100% Girlie Girl

  1. That’s hilarious it’s the same pose, how great!

  2. You certainly do as you say, Tamara… Go girl….! πŸ˜‰

  3. Same pose … amazing, you had it in you already then.

  4. You haven’t changed a bit! Adorable!

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