House of Harlow

I’m obsessed with accessories and a fan of the House of Harlow line! I don’t have as large of a collection as I would like but what girl does? One can never have enough accessories! House of Harlow is Nicole Richie’s line and she carries some pretty funky pieces along with handbags, sunglasses, and shoes . You can find most of her of accessories at Nordstrom or you can shop online for more of a variety. I bought this wishbone necklace which is gold plated with crystals and it comes on a really long chain. I happen to wear a lot of gold and I needed a long necklace to pair up with solid color outfits. Plus, I was sold on the necklace because a wishbone represents a wish or a dream and I have plenty of wishes and dreams that I hope to come true!
P.S. Her prices are pretty reasonable 🙂


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3 responses to “House of Harlow

  1. love house of harlow! great piece!

  2. That is beautiful – stunning piece.

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