Santa Baby

Santa Baby …”I’ve been an awful good girl”! 🙂
Spreading some HOLIDAY CHEER TO YOU ALL! Excited about sharing some of my Christmas Dishes & Desserts! Hopefully, share some decorating tips with you too! This is my favorite time of they year with all the lights, decorations, and music (Yes, I love Christmas Music)! I use to drive my girlfriend nuts walking through the house singing and blasting music (haha). What can I say …I’m a festive girl! XO



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4 responses to “Santa Baby

  1. Tamara, I’m with you… I love nothing better than to sing all of the Christmas songs at the top of my lungs… (Poor neighbours…!)
    I adore Ertha Kit… she was one in a million…! 🙂

  2. nice song! Something I’d pick that suits you. Nice, nice! =>

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