Lip Wrinkles

Hi Ladies! As we know aging gracefully is hard enough and I’m here to tell you that drinking from a straw will speed up the wrinkling process. I don’t always sip from straws but if I’m trying to save the lipstick from fading or smearing I have been known to sip from one every now and again. Oh, and lets not forget the occasional cocktail that is served with a straw. You see we are all guilty of drinking from straws at some point. Well the jury is no longer out, the constant pursing of your lips will cause wrinkles around the mouth over a period of time (kind of like smokers lips). I mean let’s be honest we are all vain to some degree so try and avoid drinking from a straw as much as possible or your date with juvederm will come sooner then later!


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3 responses to “Lip Wrinkles

  1. Agree completely … and same with smoking.

  2. What about how you drink? One does not need to tightly squeeze their lips – minimal movement

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