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Stands for Babe In Total Control of Herself! An oldie but goodie! I know the title is a little cheesy but its actually a good book which helps you understand yourself as a woman and how to teach a man how to treat you. Probably the most important lesson from this book is the importance of communication. A woman who calls a guy on his behavior, is showing several powerful things, she demonstrates higher value by not accepting bad behavior, she is not afraid to convey her feelings even if this might offend the guy, she is not timid and unassertive, and she keeps the lines of communication open. The book teaches you ways to earn respect, maintain dignity, and effectiveness of action instead of words. *A Must Read*

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I may be one of the last to start this 50 shades of grey trilogy but I have to see for myself what all the excitement or as some say lack of is all about …. Have you read it? Would like to hear your thoughts …


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