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Hot Chocolate & Crushed Peppermint

Hello All! I kicked off my morning with hot chocolate and crushed peppermint. What’s hot chocolate without marshmallows and cool whip? It’s Plain Jane and there are NO Plain Jane’s around here. So, of course those were added too and I think I hear Starbucks calling now for the recipe because its sooooo delicious! Im holiday obsessed at the moment and the rest of my day is dedicated to making more holiday candy for YOU! 🙂 Oh, and it happens to be snowing today so not much else to do but cook and enjoy the fire I have burning. The snow really makes it feel like Christmas!
I happen to have a cuisnart coffee maker that comes in handy daily. I have the hot chocolate pods which I popped in to make myself a cup in under a minute. Genius I tell you! I made my crushed peppermint in my food processor which is a perfect surprise of flavor to add to your coffee or any of your holiday desserts. I know everyone doesn’t love peppermint and to be honest I’m not a huge peppermint fan but when you grind it up into a powder (you can grind to your liking) it has a nice light sweet flavor and adds a little extra something to your dishes. I blended my peppermint a fine consistency, place mini marshmallows in my hot chocolate, squeezed a nice size portion of reddi-whip on top and sprinkled with peppermint! Bam~you now have yourself an $8 cup of Starbucks hot chocolate in the luxury of your own home! 🙂


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Lollicup & Boba Balls

My latest addiction is lollicup and boba balls! They are a franchise that began in California and have now spread through 11 states with 30 locations and looking to expand to Dubai and China. Its a coffee, tea, and slushy shop with signature beverages and a robust tea zone product line. I like the “Royal” which is golden tea with a hint of chocolate and extra boba balls in the bottom. I don’t know how to describe boba balls to you other than they are round sweet tapioca balls with a chewy consistency like a gummy bear and pop in your mouth. It’s a nice chewy surprise in every slurp! 🙂


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Flush Fat

I caught the tale end of Dr. Oz the other day and Kim Lyons (celebrity trainer) was talking about her ultimate 10-day diet plan to lose weight. Needless, to say it caught my attention and this was one of her interesting tips below…
I will be posting a few other of her diet tips to follow as I try them! To make combine 1 slice of grapefruit, 1 tangerine, 1/2 cucumber, 2 peppermint leaves and ice. The grapefruit and tangerine burn fat. The cucumbers help you stay full. The peppermint calms your stomach and is refreshing. Drink as much as flush water as you want, but you must have three 8oz glasses before meals for at least 10 days. 🙂 Enjoy!
My supermarket did not have peppermint leaves so I substituted mint leaves. I also added a whole grapefruit, its not going to hurt and I used some of my left over ice cubes with blueberries and lemon. Why not? It’s going to add to the flavor and taste great!


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Ice Ice Baby

Lol, ok the title is cheesy and I’m showing my age (well, just a lil). Headed to a BBQ soon and I pre-made some fruit filled ice cubes for the lemonade (ok, cocktails)! 🙂 It’s pretty to have fruit ice cubes floating in your glass and they go great with sangria. Happy Partying!


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Jell-O Oranges / Shooters

Hello World! 🙂 I’m always looking for cute ideas to impress friends and this pinterest discovery was a must share! With football season (tailgating) approaching quickly how cute would these be for the pre-game? You could choose the Jell-O of your teams colors and show your a true fan. If you like Jell-O shots these are easy to make and no mess. The paper cup is always messy if you ask me or you could make them for kids (kids party) in a variety of colors and they are sure to be a crowd pleaser!
Jell-O (colors of choice)
Melon Baller
Cut oranges in halves. Scoop all of the orange out with melon baller and discard into bowl. If you have a juicer you can use the orange juice instead of wasting. Prepare Jell-O according to the back of the box and spoon into the orange shells. Then place in fridge for next 4 hours or overnight. Once Jell-O has hardened cut the oranges in halves again and serve on platter.


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Ok, so this is one of my latest addictions the Sanpellegrino® fruit beverages! If you have not tried the Blood Orange Sanpellegrino® your missing out! I really don’t drink soda anymore unless its club soda mixed with a little vodka, which by the way this lovely can below would be a great mixer for cocktails. 🙂 Sometimes you just need carbonation or bubbles (I like to say) and this drink satisfies me and I don’t feel guilty drinking it. Its sparkling water with all natural ingredients that has a delightful tangy sweet flavor. With only 13% orange juice and 3% blood orange juice, I’m in LOVE!


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DeLeón Tequila

I’m not a huge tequila drinker but this DeLeón Diamante is SMOOTH! Good enough to drink alone or with a mixer (pear lychee w/ white tea). DeLeon Tequila is a premium tequila in a very sexy thick glass bottle with the logo sandblasted on the front. The bottle is topped with an ornately wrought metal top, the master for which was hand-carved from a one-pound ball of sterling silver by rock ‘n roll jewelry designer Bill Wall. The ball is worth money when you have finished the bottle. While the distillation and aging process of DeLeón remain a closely guarded family secret, the flavor and smoothness of DeLeón Tequila is 100% organic and natural.
The Link to the Site and the Music is Dope on the Site …


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Message on a Bottle

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Gift Set
The bottle was created as a “Limited Edition” gift set for valentines day but what a cute and thoughtful gift for a birthday, bachelorette party, etc ..Call out your inner Graffiti artist and let your imagination run fabulously wild. Create a memorable bottle with a message for a friend! 🙂 The Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial comes in a special pink package which contains a gold marker. Tag the bottle and create a memorable champagne experience!
$120 (set)

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Grape Ice Cubes

Wine = Grapes = Ice Cubes! A fun way to chill your wine is with frozen grapes plus it makes a great presentation. Ice cubes melt and water down your wine but frozen grapes will keep it cold plus you can eat your wine soaked grapes at the end of your drink! Wash the grapes, pat dry, lay on a cookie sheet (I lined mine with wax paper) and pop in freezer for several hours until frozen. Add frozen grapes to your wine and drink (the grapes stay in the bottom of glass instead of floating to top like ice). Any left over frozen grapes keep in a ziploc for another day or a snack!

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Cup of Joe

The best part of waking up is illy in your cup! (ok, I stole the folgers coffee jingle) If you don’t have a keurig coffee maker A) Where have you been? B) Get one! They make every morning EASIER! They have the K cups that you can just pop in and it brews a cup of coffee in under a minute. Simple right? They also have an additional attachment that allows you to buy your favorite coffee grounds (illy is the BEST) and still make a cup of coffee under a minute. It’s GENIUS! I love Starbucks just as much as the next person but it can get a weeee bit expensive if you crunch the weekly numbers. If you buy a cup of coffee daily at $4 a pop x 7 days a week….well, thats a new pair of shoes at the end of every month or a nice trip at the end of the year! Just saying …Sorry, Starbucks, No Offense!

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