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Merry Christmas Eve

Sorry for the late post but its been one of those crazy days! Running around and waiting to do everything last minute results in late post. 🙂 I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday and you all get everything your heart desires! I posted the last two Christmas Candies I made over at! ENJOY! 🙂
Ladies tomorrow I will have a nice homemade peppermint scrub to post here at Glitz Girlz Glamour Guide for you!
buckeye balls


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More Christmas Candies …

YUM! YUM! I know, I know but I can’t resist this time of year and all the treats that come with it! I made more Christmas Candies and posted them and their recipes @!

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Hot Chocolate & Crushed Peppermint

Hello All! I kicked off my morning with hot chocolate and crushed peppermint. What’s hot chocolate without marshmallows and cool whip? It’s Plain Jane and there are NO Plain Jane’s around here. So, of course those were added too and I think I hear Starbucks calling now for the recipe because its sooooo delicious! Im holiday obsessed at the moment and the rest of my day is dedicated to making more holiday candy for YOU! 🙂 Oh, and it happens to be snowing today so not much else to do but cook and enjoy the fire I have burning. The snow really makes it feel like Christmas!
I happen to have a cuisnart coffee maker that comes in handy daily. I have the hot chocolate pods which I popped in to make myself a cup in under a minute. Genius I tell you! I made my crushed peppermint in my food processor which is a perfect surprise of flavor to add to your coffee or any of your holiday desserts. I know everyone doesn’t love peppermint and to be honest I’m not a huge peppermint fan but when you grind it up into a powder (you can grind to your liking) it has a nice light sweet flavor and adds a little extra something to your dishes. I blended my peppermint a fine consistency, place mini marshmallows in my hot chocolate, squeezed a nice size portion of reddi-whip on top and sprinkled with peppermint! Bam~you now have yourself an $8 cup of Starbucks hot chocolate in the luxury of your own home! 🙂


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Christmas Desserts

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I’ve been in the kitchen making my usual Holiday desserts and candies which bring a huge smile to my face. I love this time of the year! So far I have the White Chocolate Pretzels with Sprinkles, White Chocolate Red Velvet Truffles, and the Strawberry Santa’s! I have plenty more to make and lots of creative yet easy desserts I think you will ENJOY! Stay tuned and Follow Me @ for all of the recipes for candies below…:)


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Santa Baby

Santa Baby …”I’ve been an awful good girl”! 🙂
Spreading some HOLIDAY CHEER TO YOU ALL! Excited about sharing some of my Christmas Dishes & Desserts! Hopefully, share some decorating tips with you too! This is my favorite time of they year with all the lights, decorations, and music (Yes, I love Christmas Music)! I use to drive my girlfriend nuts walking through the house singing and blasting music (haha). What can I say …I’m a festive girl! XO


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Turkey Leftovers

As Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end I’m sure everyone is wondering what the heck to do with all the turkey leftovers! Waste not, Want not…Isn’t that the saying? I made a couple uses for my leftover turkey by making a turkey cheesy breakfast bake and a turkey pot pie which are both Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm Good! I hate wasting anything (especially food) so try and be creative with the leftovers so you can use up everything and keep the company happy. I hope everyone is fat and happy and enjoyed their holiday! Posting these two recipes now @ 🙂


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Thanksgiving Dishes

My post is coming later then I would of liked but it’s better late then never! I would of liked to have shared my recipes with you Pre-Thanksgiving but my timing wouldn’t allow 🙂 I’m hoping everyone is ENJOYING their Holiday and Family! Thanksgiving is really that one time of the year that the word “Diet” doesn’t belong in our vocabulary and its all about Food, Fun, Friends, & Family! I’ve posted my dishes at ( if your interested in taking a peek and I hope to do some Post-Thanksgiving recipes with the left overs. Happy Thanksgiving! XO


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Halloween Oreo Pops

Happy Halloween! My last tribute to Halloween is my white chocolate covered oreo pops with sprinkles! You can do these for any holiday and add your sprinkles according to the holiday. They are also a great gift to distribute to friends as a party favor, for trick-or-treaters, or for a halloween party. Place a sucker stick in each oreo, melt white chocolate and dip the oreo, hold over wax paper and use sprinkles, then allow to dry by placing each stick in a hole of a colander. The colander is a great kitchen accessory when making any type of sucker that needs to dry. 🙂


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Pumpkin Dip

A simple yet festive dip that you can whip up in under two minutes. It’s perfect for a holiday party or just to cure a sweet craving at home. Mix together a can of pumpkin puree, one tub of cool whip (I used sugar free), and one box of vanilla pudding (I used sugar free). Allow to chill in fridge for a few hours or over night. You can dip vanilla wafers, ginger snap cookies, fruit, or anything that sounds appealing. 😉
I attached a photo on the side of the vanilla wafer box that shows them placing a nilla wafer in the bottom of a medium tin or paper muffin cup, filling it with yogurt (but I bet this pumpkin dip would be a good substitute, and freeze for an hour! Then you have a nilla pumpkin freeze!


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Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

He did the Monster Mash! Frankenstein is a household name that’s been around before me, so I made Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops to add to my Halloween party! Frankenstein himself isn’t very cute but these are freaking cute! These little guys are easy to make, you will need the follwing:
1 Bag of Large Marshmallows
1 Container of Hard Chocolate Candy Shell
1 Can of Green Food Color Spray
1 Tube of Black Gel
Sucker Sticks
I was playing around with them and tried them a few different ways but the easiest way was to melt the chocolate and dip the head of the marshmallows in and lay them on parchment paper to harden. Then insert sucker sticks to the other end and spray green with the food color spray over a paper towel and lay them back onto the parchment paper. Take your black gel and draw the scar and the face on and you have yourself FRANKENSTEIN MARSHMALLOWS POPS…MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Insert Evil Laugh)! 😉


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