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Happiness is Beauty

Smiling presents a good attitude which expresses strength and strength & confidence is BEAUTY! When we are happy, we are alive and enthusiastic! Create your happiness by starting with what makes you happy and build around that…~Be Strong, Be Happy~


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Your Journey …

Good Morning to YOU! Words to LIVE by…
Well Said …Live for today and not in the past. Don’t regret your past, as every life decision has brought you to the NOW and made you, YOU!

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Creating You

Do you Agree or Disagree?
I happen to agree! I feel like you found yourself when you were born but life experiences help create who you are in life. There really isn’t a template or a manual to life its all about your journeys and experiences that mold us into the person we become. Part of creating yourself I believe is realizing what makes you happy, unhappy, sad, angry, etc and doing your best to stay clear of what you find negative in life. It’s creating yourself and your happiness! After all life is to short to be unhappy, right? So create YOU and be the BEST you can be at LIFE! ❤


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There are sayings, quotes, motto’s in life to live by that make you smile and give you drive. 🙂 YOLO being one of them because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! “Enjoy life and remember life is not a dress rehearsal.” (there are no do overs) So make everyday count! ~XO

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