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Beautiful Disaster

Hi, Glam Girls … Do you feel sometimes like your floating through existence? Do you ever have days that you wonder what your true purpose in life is? Where life is taking you, but you don’t have a crystal ball to stare into for the answers. You look for instant gratification but there is none and all you can bank on is hope, patience, and persistence. You wonder if creativity and passion will allow you the growth and strength you need to get where you desire to be. I feel as humans we probably have all felt a strong overwhelming feeling of confusion about life’s direction, always in search of the missing pieces of the puzzle. I guess thats what keeps us on our toes and gives us the daily dose of drive and motivation we need to wake up and tackle our daily lives, problems and sometimes long agonistic days. That’s why they call this crazy existence LIFE, without the struggles it wouldn’t create who we are and who we become. So, hang on tight, enjoy the ride, and pray for the BEST!


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Lionel Richie

We all know I LOVE my music! It always sets the tone for me 🙂 and today I’m in a very Lionel Richie kind of mood (classics stuck in my head all morning), it’s feel good music! Classics like Hello, Say You Say Me, Lady, Stuck on You, Easy… the list goes on and on. I happen to enjoy all music and for the country lovers Lionel Richie collaborated with a few country artist Darius Rucker, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Jason Aldean, Shania Twain, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Billy Currington, and Rascal Flats! Check it out, I’m a FAN! Thank GOD for MUSIC!


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My new FAVORITE group! English rock band that was formed in 1997 and this song is from 2009 (genre indie rock). I guess I’m a late bloomer in finding them but they are from England and travel the UK… so, I have an excuse for my late discovery! Check them out 🙂


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Neil Diamond

That’s right I went and saw the Legendary Neil Diamond last night and was amazed by all of his loyal fans! There wasn’t an empty seat at the concert! His fans were pouring in and we were the youngest people there to say the least..:) As soon as the concert started everyone was singing and dancing to the classic hits. I’ve never seen so much toe tapping and hand waving in one place (heehee). It was more than inspiring though, because as I looked around the room you could see the happiness in the couples faces who have been together 30 plus years! You could tell the music was taken them back to the 60s on a night long ago that they shared. Smiling and reminiscing as he sang his hits. You just don’t see that much today, it seems relationships now are doomed before they begin. People seem so occupied and confused in their own lives that long term relationships are a thing of the past. If you ever have any doubt in long lasting love just attend a Neil Diamond concert and your hope will be reinstated. Right before he sang “I’m a believer”, he dedicated it to his new wife Katie 30 years his junior. The man still has it! 🙂
Thanks for the complimentary tickets!


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Lounge Beats

I love music it literally soothes the SOUL! I have music to play off of every mood I’m feeling and I am very diverse taste when it comes to music… I like it ALL (almost all)! I really enjoy lounge music any time of the day and like to play it throughout the house. Check out the disc below on YOUTUBE or ITUNES

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You make me feel like ….

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