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Support The Cause / My Story

Let me start by saying I’m not writing this to be depressing but to share my story to help bring awareness in honor of October and breast cancer month. I had my nails polished below in support of breast cancer awareness. Even though I didn’t have breast cancer (I had cervical cancer), my mother and aunt did and I will be sharing their stories as well this month. I fear one day that I too may be at risk considering it runs so close to home. Cancer does not discriminate!! I remember this trying time of my life like it was yesterday. It was not an easy chapter in my life but I over came the hurdles I was presented and I am cured to date. I was living in Hilton Head, SC when I got the news that my pap smear came back and showed signs that I may have cancer and needed further treatment and review from a specialist. I remember the phone call I made to my mother, I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes trying to keep it together and stay strong while delivering her the news. I always had issues growing up once I crossed over from a girl to a young woman with terrible cramping and endometriosis. At 20 years of age I was upset about the phone call but still didn’t think much of it at the time. I just figured it was them being cautious considering my history but a week later when I went for my appointment with a gynecologist/oncologist at St. Josephs Memorial Hospital, I quickly realized the severity of the results. They put me under for an hour so they could look around inside and see if there was anything they could do before taking the next step to cure me of CANCER. I remember waking up in recovery and DR. Burke looking at me saying, “I’m sorry, there isn’t anything more we can do at this point.” He continued to say, “The cancer has spread and we have to do a hysterectomy.” What? Hysterectomy? How could this be? What does this mean for me? Scared, confused, thinking about dying and wanting to live, a wave of emotions flooded my body! Not sure what to ask or how to respond, I felt helpless! A deeper discussion of the word hysterectomy helped me understand that they would be removing my cervix and uterus, which would make it impossible for me to have children the natural way. I would have to consider surrogacy in my future. It was then explained, that they would leave my ovaries for two reasons…1) So, I could ovulate and produce an egg for surrogacy process and 2) To prevent early menopause. All these words being thrown at me that some people never hear in a lifetime. Why am I hearing them all now and dealing with this at such a young age? Never the less my path was paved and I knew a week from that day I was headed for a major surgery and needed to try and prepare mentally & physically. My parents dropped me off back at home and I sat there feeling sorry for myself. Later that evening I decided to drink my sorrows away (I know it wasn’t the answer but while I’m being honest it’s what I did, don’t judge). A friend at the time joined me in my mission to forget and we drank, talked, cried and she went through all the emotions with me. When I had her drop me off I turned to say bye and turned my leg the wrong way, falling to the ground. I knew it hurt but a little intoxicated I didn’t realize how much it hurt, until I woke trying to stand and couldn’t put my right foot on the ground because my left one hurt so bad. My friends rushed me to the emergency room where an x-ray revealed I had a broken foot and they put a cast on up to my knee. Miserable about my foot and dreading my major life changing surgery around the corner, my wisdom teeth decided they wanted to flare up two days later and were killing me! I called my mom in tears begging for an appointment to have them cut out. My parents came to my rescue the following day and drove me to my orthodontic appointment to have them removed. An hour later I’m on the way home with a broken foot and a mouth full of gauze from my mouth surgery. I was MISERABLE! I’m now a few days away from having a hysterectomy which means i have to starve myself and go on an all liquid diet two days prior to surgery. I can’t eat now because my mouth hurts so badly but pudding and soup. I’m hungry and getting crankier by the second. Starving and headed to the hospital for surgery I couldn’t think of anything other than I’m ready for this nightmare to end. My parents kissed me before they took me back and the doctors reassured, “She will be fine, we have her and surgery will be around six hours.” I went out, off to sleepy land and the next thing I remember, is waking in recovery to the sound of a saw. The doctors explained they cut an artery during surgery and had to call in a specialist. They explained, “It took an extra two hours and surgery went for eight hours but it’s patched and everything is ok”. We just need to remove the cast to make sure you have proper blood flow. Groggy and out of it, I wondered what else could go wrong at this point? Once they rolled me to my room I stayed there for a week on a morphine drip and had to practice walking the hallway of the hospital before I was released. I came home with my family where I slept in their recliner for a month. Two weeks after being there and gaining use of my muscles again we went back for a checkup and removal of the catheter. OUCH! I continued to stay with my family for another month using a cain to stand and move around until I gained full use of all my muscles again. What started with the word CANCER ended being one the most trying times of my life and I’m thankful I survived it all. I’m not looking for sympathy and at 34 I’m still going to check ups and everything has been fine since! Again, cancer doesn’t discriminate. Please get check ups and take it serious!
I will share more cancer survivor stories including my mom, aunts, and my friends sister this month, to continue to bring awareness!


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Want Perfect Skin

Want perfect skin? Everyone has heard before, “You better wear sunscreen!” Well, I wish I would of listened when I was a kid because now I’m working hard on reversing the sun damage I’ve caused to myself through the years! I wasn’t one of the lucky ones blessed with beautiful olive skin, instead I have fair skin and freckles. I use to hate my skin color and wanted to bake in the sun for hours to have a sun-kissed look. Now that I’m a little wiser I get my tanned look by spray tanning! It’s clearly a better choice than the alternatives. With that being said I want to age gracefully as possible, so I’ve learned the importance of sunscreen in my daily facial regimen. The packet you see below is a sample from a Med Spa I was at recently, but you can do research on finding a sunscreen that suits you. Apparently, there is a true argument amongst dermatologist on wether you apply sunscreen before or after your moisturizer. At this point I’m going to have to say just adding it period is doing more justice then not, but I like to add mine before my moisturizer. I feel mentally it has a better effect since its in direct contact with my skin. Use a sunscreen that’s safe and comfortable for your face. While the consistency of sunscreen is important in a facial product, its also wise to look for one that won’t clog your pores. Apply all over face, in hairline, temples, ears and the front and back of your neck. Then you can apply moisturizer along with your foundation and complete with your following steps. I like to use an all over sunscreen then apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 by Laura Mercier on days I want lighter makeup (now I have double the SPF). Some of my other products contain SPF as well which just ensures that you have great coverage. Better be safe then sorry and start incorporating sunscreen now or you will be spending thousands on photo-facials and peels in the future to get smooth looking skin without age and sun spots!
Note: Let’s not forget about the C word “CANCER”…PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST SKIN CANCER!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Man, time flies! I can’t believe its already October…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m sure everyone knows someone who has battled CANCER at some point. It’s become such a common word discussed in households these days.
I’ve decided to publicly share my story along with immediate family members and friends stories who have been willing to share theirs on my blog ( throughout the month, to hopefully raise awareness. Cancer does not discriminate on age, sex, or race.
Be proactive and get regular check ups. Encourage those who don’t regularly visit the doctor.
You can make a difference by collaborating with national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and charities/government agencies to share information about the disease and bring awareness!
Continue following for personal stories that hopefully will raise awareness and give strength and hope! XO


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