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Rockstar Manicure

Yep, I got my first Rockstar Manicure today! It’s safe to say that I will be returning for more to achieve this glitz & glam look! I think everyone has heard of shellac polish, right? Well, they apply your shellac color of choice on your nails and then place glitter of your color choice into the wet shellac which creates this high sparkle effect. Then your nails dry and harden under the uv light and a second coat is applied so that you have a smooth nail vs. a bumpy nail like you feel with regular glitter polish. The beauty of this whole thing is that it last two weeks before its time for a new manicure! Well worth the money! Plus, you feel like a ROCKSTAR with your Rockstar Nails. Hope everyone parties like a ROCKSTAR tonight and has a HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2013! 🙂


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Nasal Waxing

Not a fan of body hair or nose hair? I know some of you may think this post is TMI and gross but I wanted to share with you the wonderful world of nasal waxing. It sounds painful right? Well, it’s not! Actually, it’s not at all! You know when you wax your brows and sometimes you experience a quick 10 second ouch moment? Guess what…not even a 1 second ouch moment. I was shocked and I now have a new habit. I didn’t have unsightly nose hairs before but working at a spa you always try new things and nasal waxing was new on the menu. I was coerced into it but I’m happy I tried it. In goes the wax on a stick, allow to dry for a minute, then your nose is pinched and its pulled from your nostril. Wa-La no more nose hairs! It’s great for guys because tweezing hurts and brings tears to your eyes. I know there is an argument on how your nose hairs are there to protect against germs and dust particles, so its a personal preference choice that’s up to you at the end of the day. I just figured I would share this non-painful service with you. 🙂


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Fashion First-Aid

Glam Girls you can now cover up your “boo boo” in style! Cynthia Rowley has a line of bandaids that are super chic vs. the boring brown ones! Why not? 🙂

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Product Lovers

Calling all product lovers!!! TWO great websites that will allow you to receive new high end products right to your house!!

Birchbox …www.birchbox.com (hand picked beauty & lifestyle products delivered to your door for $10/month)

Influenster…www.influenster.com (unlock badges and become eligible to receive products).

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The Color Wheel

It can be confusing at times to determine what eye shadow looks best with your eyes, yet compliments your outfit all at the same time. Don’t make the mistake of wearing blue eyeshadow just because you are wearing a blue outfit! You should wear eye shadows that brings out your eye color. I have the Stila color wheel eye shadow palette (sephora) and it’s awesome for helping you choose the right color combination. After viewing Makeup by Janine’s wordpress blog, I read some helpful insight on her page on choosing the correct eye shadow for your eye color which I shared below…

Here are some examples:

For blue eyes . . . the complimentary color is orange. Yes, orange eyeshadow sounds gross, but if you translate it to makeup colors it can be an orangy-brown, peach, gold or light copper.

For blue-green eyes . . . if they sometimes look blue, and sometimes look green, then they are probably blue-green. (Your eyes don’t actually change color, its just color theory at work). The complimentary color is red-orange. Choose apricots, watermelons or other peachy-pinks. An intense copper or warm (reddish) brown with copper shimmer is also a great choice.

For green eyes . . . the complimentary color is red. Yes, I know, you are worried you’ll look a little zombified with red liner. But let’s do a little neutral-izing: red + white = pink, red + black = burgandy, red + grey = mauve, and red + brown = red-brown (okay, that last one wasn’t so original). Anything with those bases will make your eyes look as green as possible.

For yellow-green eyes . . . red-violet is the complimentary color to choose for you. This can be a plum, just make sure it has more red than blue. Also a cool (or purple-y) pink is a great choice. Mix some silver in there too for a muted, metallicized red-violet.

For brown eyes with yellow . . . a true violet will compliment your eyes best. It can be anywhere from light lavender to deep eggplant.

For a light golden brown eye (yellow-orange) . . . use the blue-violet shades. A deep royal purple liner, a periwinkle highlight, or a smoky mix of blue, grey & purple will make your eyes pop.

For a deep amber brown eye (orange) . . . Go with an electric Smurf shadow, a navy liner, a slate smoky, a powder blue accent. The different versions of blue are endless! Remember, you can always pair a pop of blue with brown or grey for a more neutral version.

Remember, you can add white to make it lighter, black to make it darker, grey for a muted version, and brown to make it more neutral.


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Stila Palette

Ok, so clearly I love makeup and you can never go wrong with natural shades. I ordered the Stila palette (happily ever after-beauty palette) normally $75 reduced to $50 on the Stila cosmetics website (http://www.stilacosmetics.com/). The palette was created and intended for brides but these colors are great for everyday wear or a brown smokey eye!

Comes in a velvet pouch and includes:

6 x Eye Shadows (best seller kitten kitten)
1 Cheek Color
1 Bronzing Powder
2 Lip Colors
1 Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish

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Contour the Face

Why Contour? Contouring adds definition, structure, and dimension. Some women were born with defined facial features but for the rest of us we should grab a concealer palette and a brush! 😉 It’s actually really easy and with a little practice you will become better and more confident in your application process. After reading many blogs and watching lots of tutorials I stumbled across a concealer palette by Sonia Kashuk name hidden agenda-07 which contains two concealer shades, one neutralizer, and one translucent powder. The best part is its at Target for $11…Score! You can apply your concealer with a concealer brush or your ring finger by tapping the face to blend it into skin. First apply your foundation of choice and blend outwards to prevent lines. Next, contour the cheekbones and jaw line with the darker concealer and with the lighter concealer highlight under the eyes, bridge of nose, eyebrow bone, and chin and seal it with your translucent powder. I love this quad because it has everything in ONE! Complete your look by finishing with an all over face powder, blush, bronzer, lips and eyes. I attached a photo of myself after going through the steps above and pictures of Kim K with guidelines on her face to help you see where to apply. Your completed look should be well blended and seamless. Your highlights should play together to create depth and dimension!

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