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Fuel Your Day

Kick off your morning with a healthy breakfast to get the fuel you need to have a kick ass day! See, I don’t always eat unhealthy I have my splurge moments throughout the week but most of the time I eat pretty clean 😉 egg whites with green bell pepper and shallots, sliced heirloom tomato with a thin slice of fresh mozzarella, and crunchy hash browns. Just eat small meals all day and control your portions. Keep the metabolism burning and burning and burning the calories!



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Egg whites & Tomatoes

I don’t know about you but not eating breakfast makes me grumpy and fatigued. So, I’m kicking off my monday with a healthy breakfast! I went back to the gym yesterday and feeling motivated 🙂 which is why I’m eating egg whites & tomatoes for more energy. A healthy breakfast can provide you with the nutrients you need to stay energized for a few hours! I’m definitely not a poster child for healthy but I try and do my best when I can. So, I made whole wheat toast with egg whites, topped with an heirloom sliced tomato & drizzled a little tomatillo green medium salsa on top and served with a side of grapefruit. Simple, yet filling plus you get protein from the egg whites.


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