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Nivea Sparkle

I wanted to share with you my love for these two Nivea products! For over the counter products they both rock and are gentle, moisturizing, and have a tantalizing smell (orange blossom & white calla blossom scent)! Plus, they are also compatible with a spray tan. Ladies, if you spray tan they won’t strip your tan. Products that contain mineral oil and petroleum will strip a tan quicker so make sure you read the ingredients! Seeing how I spray tan regularly I’m happy to share with you that both of these work well and smell fabulous!


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Nasal Waxing

Not a fan of body hair or nose hair? I know some of you may think this post is TMI and gross but I wanted to share with you the wonderful world of nasal waxing. It sounds painful right? Well, it’s not! Actually, it’s not at all! You know when you wax your brows and sometimes you experience a quick 10 second ouch moment? Guess what…not even a 1 second ouch moment. I was shocked and I now have a new habit. I didn’t have unsightly nose hairs before but working at a spa you always try new things and nasal waxing was new on the menu. I was coerced into it but I’m happy I tried it. In goes the wax on a stick, allow to dry for a minute, then your nose is pinched and its pulled from your nostril. Wa-La no more nose hairs! It’s great for guys because tweezing hurts and brings tears to your eyes. I know there is an argument on how your nose hairs are there to protect against germs and dust particles, so its a personal preference choice that’s up to you at the end of the day. I just figured I would share this non-painful service with you. 🙂


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Whiter Teeth

T.O.D. (Tip of the Day)- Want whiter teeth? Two inexpensive ingredients hydrogen peroxide and baking soda! You can brush your teeth once a day with baking soda. It is an ingredient found in many toothpaste and it helps clean the teeth. It’s a little messy and gritty but it works and rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you purchase a hydrogen peroxide that has 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide is useful as a mouthwash due to its antiseptic properties. If you notice almost every effective whitening kit list peroxide as its active ingredient. Rinse in mouth for at least 30 seconds once a day. It will foam in mouth and the foam kills bacteria and helps fight gum disease. Afterwards, flush your mouth again with water! These two simple steps will help with your overall mouth hygiene and help whiten your teeth. 🙂
Note: If you don’t like the taste in your mouth after the above steps, rinse with a listerine or mouthwash of choice to kill the taste in your mouth.
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Slim Sonic

My sonic toothbrush is my newest fashion accessory, pretty right?! It’s slim, light, and portable which makes it perfect for travel. Hygiene is a must and it fits perfectly right into your handbag for a clean, white, and sexy smile! 🙂 Love your pearly whites…
http://www.ulta.com or http://www.violight.com


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