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Striped Maxi & Jean Jacket

Just because the weather is cool doesn’t mean you have to burry your maxi dress in the back of the closet until next spring! Keep an open mind when your starring into your closet trying to figure out what to wear. I’m sure you have a few articles of clothing you never imagined wearing together and I bet they would look great on! If you have a favorite maxi dress or any dress for that matter that’s sleeveless or half sleeves you can throw a jacket over the top to create a fun look, plus it helps you stay warm. It’s nice having layers because when you walk into a warm building you have the option of taking the jacket off so you are more comfortable. Also, I paired the maxi with a pair of slouchy boots to finish off the fall look. Now you have turned your summer maxi that you would normally wear alone with a pair of sandals into a fall look and created versatility with what you already own in your closet. Keep an open mind when getting dressed the possibilities are endless! 🙂
Dress: Stripped Maxi by Seaton (Berlue Boutique), Jacket: Jean Jacket by Jag (Nordstrom), Shoes: Boots by Cathy Jean

Photography by: Maxwell Wright Photography


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Black Maxi w/ Blazer

OOTD (Outfit of the Day)…I teamed up with Max @ MAXWELL WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY to start bringing you more professional photos for OOTD’s! He’s an AMAZING photographer here in Denver, Co! A transplant like most, new to the area from Arizona and is killing it in the world of photography! If you are in the Denver area you should definitely look him up! You can also research him through Facebook using this link… https://www.facebook.com/MaxwellWrightPhotography?fref=ts
Great fall outfit for a day at the office or happy hour with the girls! I’m addicted to blazers and cropped jackets with my outfits to add a little something extra!
Dress: FP Beach Maxi (Nordstrom), Jacket: BeBe Blazer Shoes: Charles David Boots Necklace: Monogram Neclace (Max and Chloe)


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Michael Kors Maxi

Happy Saturday to ALL! 🙂 You can never go wrong with a maxi or a jean jacket in my opinion!
Dress: Navy Michael Kors Maxi Jacket: Jean Jag Jacket


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