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Fuel Your Day

Kick off your morning with a healthy breakfast to get the fuel you need to have a kick ass day! See, I don’t always eat unhealthy I have my splurge moments throughout the week but most of the time I eat pretty clean 😉 egg whites with green bell pepper and shallots, sliced heirloom tomato with a thin slice of fresh mozzarella, and crunchy hash browns. Just eat small meals all day and control your portions. Keep the metabolism burning and burning and burning the calories!



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Heirloom Tomato

Lunch anyone? I was at the farmers market the other day and grabbed these heirloom tomato’s (THE BEST flavorful & juicy) and decided to top them with buffalo mozzarella for lunch. Sprinkle with a little salt & pepper and drizzle with your favorite balsamic. I’m not a huge fan of the vinegar flavor in balsamic so I reduce it back on the stove so it thickens and taste sweet. (Just a little trick)


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