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A Few Of My Favorite Things …

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I ventured up to Vail, CO to celebrate friends anniversary and for a little R&R! You can see the drive up in the pictures below…the mountains are gorgeous! The weather was crisp and cool, the high’s during the day were in the 60s and 30s at night. Perfect weather for wearing layers, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the fire places & fire pits throughout the hotel. We stayed at the Four Seasons which if you have stayed at a Four Seasons before you know how pleasurable they are, world wide. The lobby had beautiful blown glass and art work. Check out the horses below they were made out of screen (wire mesh), I thought they were pretty cool!
After, dropping off the luggage we went down to the farmers market where I tried really hard to get these cute goats to pose for the camera but they just weren’t interested. So, decided to check out the surroundings and took a stroll through Vail Village complete with shops, restaurants, galleries, and boutique hotels. I was drawn into this one particular gallery which I snapped a few photos to share with you. I really wanted the Marilyn Monroe Original below, it was an interesting piece made of plexiglass, roses, and a silk screen print of her. I drifted off to fantasy land where I pretended I had a huge walk in closet the size of a bedroom with white marble floors, a gorgeous white leather round ottoman with a giant shag baby pink rug underneath, a chandelier hanging above, and Marilyn Monroe on the wall…How girlie and wonderful? Then I pinched myself and came back to reality! 😉 You can see the half statue of the woman’s body below made of black crystals which was beautiful and feminine but at $59,000 (whoa) she had to stay in the store!
Later, we stepped out for some dinner at Elway’s, where we pigged out on Rotisserie Chicken, Steak, Crab Legs, Salmon, Shrimp, and Salads. What’s dinner without wine? Boring! Ok, maybe not boring but wine just makes everything better! We even shared a bottle of dessert wine similar to a port. It was a nice little vacation but back to work now!
Hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and productive upcoming week! XOXO


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Royal Gorge

It’s not football Sunday just yet and usually Sunday Fun-day is always best with a bbq & cocktail but this Sunday became Scenic Sunday. Colorado has beautiful scenery and historic sites that I’ve yet to venture out and explore. So, today I decided to go see the Royal Gorge in Canyon City. One of the worlds highest suspension bridges (956 feet). The bridge towers 150 feet high, 2,100 strands of NO.9 galvanized wire in each cable, cables weigh 300 tons with a 100 tons of steel in floor of bridge. Original cost to build in 1929 $350,000 and today’s cost over $18 million. I know this information may go in one ear and out the other but its pretty amazing to see in person. If your scared of heights its definitely not a place for you to experience unless you want to over come your fears. It’s so high up that you get a knot in your stomach and when the wind blows through the gorge because it makes the bridge sway! Lil Scary! Other entertainment at the gorge consist of a aerial tram which I posted a pic of below, a railway, skycoaster, and zipline. I kept my feet planted on the ground because flying through the air above the gorge didn’t appeal to me, Ha! Personally, I think you adrenaline junkies are nuts to bungi-jump above the gorge (lol) but god bless you for having the cojones to do it!


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Viva Las Vegas

It’s July 4th and I came to Las Vegas! Why not? It’s a short flight from Colorado 🙂 I started my morning with a very indulgent breakfast at Hash House A Go Go! Everything in Vegas is indulgent, right? So, today will be my cheat day …ALL DAY! I had a double of LavAzzo expresso, followed by the chorizo, jalapeno, cheddar cheese, & fresh tomato hash (MUY CALIENTE), completed with griddled french toast dipped in banana cinnamon cream w/ pecan maple syrup. Oh My Gawd …Wonderfully Delicious! If you make it to Vegas you should definitely check it out! I attached their award link below which includes New York Post, Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil, Man vs. Food, and many many more ….

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Laguna Beach

Who doesn’t love a vacation? I went for my first time to Laguna Beach, Ca and stayed at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel located in Dana Point. I can’t explain just how beautiful and relaxing it is in Laguna! Everyone that works at the Ritz was so warm and welcoming. 🙂 The entrance to the lobby is full of beautiful flowers and art work …

After checking into the hotel decided to go sit outside on the balcony with breathtaking views of the ocean, landscaping, and houses in the hills…afterwards took a stroll along the beach paths to checkout the scenery. The landscaping is gorgeous! Birds of paradise which is one of my favorite tropical flowers are everywhere along with other lush tropical plants! You seriously feel like your in hawaii! Also, located throughout the resort property are koi ponds with extremely healthy koi (i think they feed small children ..jk) my picture doesn’t do much justice for just how big they really look in person. The cutest thing are the wild rabbits that are everywhere just dining on all the grass. I must say the west coast is awesome and the sunsets are absolutely amazing! Honestly, there is no reason to even leave the resort it has it all! Raya the restaurant inside the hotel is delicious for breakfast and dinner. You can relax afterwards at the pool or down on the beach watching the surfers. It’s definitely the spot because there is 50 plus surfers out there all day. The weather couldn’t be more perfect its high 70s during day and low 70s at night. The locals all seem very friendly and there is plenty dining & shopping in Laguna. Although, if you get an itch for a little more fast pace scenery LA is only an hour drive away. It’s definitely worth taking a trip if your looking for a little R&R! 🙂


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